Hunting and prizes

The difference is in the details
The game on Otjimbuku is really indigenous and can move completely freely, without game fences limiting their movement. This allows for truly fair chase hunting. Since we are not game farm, we can offer you our hunting only a few times a year as we attach great importance to sustainability.

Among our domestic wild animals are warthogs, kudus, Oryx antelopes, red hartebeest, steenbuck, duiker and, on special request, also leopards and cheetahs. They are hunted either by walk-and-stalk or by blind strategically placed all around the property. The hunt from blinds has its own charm and is often favored by hunters from Europe.

After a hearty breakfast, we usually leave the house before sunrise. When the desired specie is searched for and we find fresh tracks , the hunting car is disembarked and the actual hunt commences. Our professional hunter Johann have many years of experience and will try to get you as close as possible to the animal.

Hunting day per hunter:

Base 2:1 220 Euro (€)
Base 1:1 200 Euro (€)
Bow hunting per hunter / day (Basis 2:1) 120 Euro (€)
Bow hunting per hunter / day (Basis 1:1) 150 Euro (€)
Accompanying person: per person 100 Euro (€)
Children under 12 years per day 80 Euro (€)
Weapon hire per day: 25 Euro (€)

The price includes:
All meals
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Services of a professional hunter
Hunting vehicle
Field preparation of the trophies and transport to taxidermist
Value Added Tax
Transfer from and to the airport: free of charge from 5 booked hunting days

Day of arrival and departure are calculated as a days of rest (depending on how demanding the flight to us was).

Trophy Prices 2019:

Kudu Euro (€)  1700
Oryx Euro (€) 600
Hartebeest Euro (€) 700
Blessbock Euro (€)  auf Anfrage
Springbok Euro (€)  auf Anfrage
Duiker Euro (€) 300
Steenbok Euro (€) 300
Warthog Euro (€) 450
Wildebeest Euro (€)  800
Black wildebeest Euro (€)  800
Impala Euro (€)  600
Wasserbock Euro (€)  2000
Eland Euro (€)  2000
Jackal Euro (€)  25
Pavian  Euro (€)  50

Note: Wounded game is calculated to the full fee.

Prices are subject to change!