Attractions around Otjimbuku

In addition to hunting on our farm, there are a lot of special places to see and experience. We have put together a few attractions for you.

Erindi Private Game Reserve
The Erindi Private Game Reserve  is one of the largest private wildlife sanctuaries in Africa, with 70,719 hectares. It is located about 180 kilometers north of the Namibian capital Windhoek and about 180 kilometers from the Otjimbuku.

Erindi is home to four of the big five, with incredible game and bird viewing – especially during the winter months when huge numbers of animals converge on the water holes spread across the whole game reserve.


Nestled along the rugged Namibian coastline lies the sleepy town of Swakopmund. One of the first settlements created by the German colonial government more than 100 years agon, Swakopmund is still known for its German architecture, exquisite cuisine and general easy-going life.

In combination with hunting, the Otjimbuku team invites you to spend some time at the coast and make use of some of the best fishing waters in Southern Africa.


Although Windhoek is only half an hour away from Hosea Kutako International Airport, the Otjimbuku guests do not necessarily get see the Namibian capital, as our farm is situated north of the airport and therefore a bit out of the way.

Nevertheless, a few days should be planned for Windhoek. With state-of-the-art malls and shops, German flair across the city center and widely considered to be the safest capital in Africa, Windhoek will give you a unique glimpse of the other side side of the country.