About us

The hunting farm Otjimbuku is situated in the central parts of Namibia and covers a total area of 11000 ha. The farm was bought by Peter Thiessen from Dittmarschen in 1940. The house was built around 1900 in the German colonial period and is one of the oldest houses in the area.

In 2016, the son Johann took over the farm in the third generation. The main income is generated from commercial cattle production, with trophy hunting also constituting an important financial part. We also produce charcoal for the European market. Of course, we do not work the land alone. Our operation consists of different parts that come together as a well-oiled machine. Our farm attaches great importance to a harmonious cooperation with our employees and their families, who are also at home on our farm.

Our accommodation consists of a cozy guest house with 2 bedrooms and a large veranda, which can be used for a group or family. We always take only one group/family to be able to meet every guest’s expectations.

The meals are served in the old farmhouse. Our kitchen offers, besides the most varied game, mainly self-made products from the farm.

In order to take individual interests into consideration in time, we would welcome a personal contact at an early stage before your trip begins. We are open for all questions and will do our utmost to help you make the most of your holiday as you wish and dream.

The difference is in the detail
It is important to us that you, as a hunter, and your companion(s), feel comfortable with us. You will enjoy personal, individual care, and, besides the hunt, you will also gain insight into the Namibian farm everyday life.

What makes the difference with us
As folks living mostly from the land we live on, we always look forward to guests with whom one can experience and enjoy the natural beauty of our farm – especially while hunting.  All the more lively are the conversations in the evening, usually at the camp fire, with a drink in hand, under the star-lit sky. Whether ecology or politics, whether birds or elephants! We farmers are more often than not forced into versatility in practical life. Jack of all trades, masters of none so to say. Thus, a stay on Otjimbuku is more than just a hunting experience…